Saturday, 30 November 2013

Wedding Dress Shopping for the Larger Girl

So it's no secret that I am overweight. It's something I really struggle with and I'm working on losing a bunch of weight for my wedding in July, however I couldnt leave looking for a dress until then as they take around 6 months to be delivered which means its time to look now. It's the one thing I have been dreading doing since we started planning the wedding. Everyone said I would be fine and I would love it. I completely disagreed with them. I spent an insane amount of time googling what I should wear and what to expect, that just made me worse though. As the dreaded day drew closer I got more and more anxious and nervous, and then it was here, RIGHT NOW! I was standing waiting to try on wedding dresses and all that was going thrugh my mind was, they won't fit around me, I'm not exactly my ideal weight right now. The woman in the shop however was super nice and made me feel right at home and a lot more relaxed. Once I got that first dress on, and done up, I was so much happier. I ended up choosing the 2nd dress I had tried on after only an hour in the shop, I thought it would take much longer as I dont like anything on me at the moment. I'm so happy with my choice, it is so flattering even at the size I am just now, I can't wait to wear it on my wedding day. So a quick message to anyone out there going through the same as me, just go do it , don't be afraid, It's not scary and the people in these shops see people of all different shapes and sizes all the time, they are not there to judge you. Enjoy it!
:) xx

Sunday, 17 November 2013

My First Ever MAC Product!

I am so excited to finally be able to write about a MAC product. I have been looking at the MAC website for such a long time and dreaming about owning their products, but always telling myself NO, I can't justify spending that much money on make up at the moment. Maybe one day! That was working quite well for me until I went on a day out to edinburgh and in the last shop of the day (Harvey Nichols) it happened! I went in, looked to my left and there it was , MAC! Oh Dear!
Now that it was right in front of me I had to buy something, I just couldnt resist.
Luckily I went shopping with my Auntie and my mum who directed me to a sensible choice, foundations. The member of staff who helped us was amazing . Straight away she knew exactly what would work for my skin tone. She was really friendly as well, I don't know why but I expected them to be horrible.I think I just assume people are going to judge me for going to these counters when I quite clearly am not a make up pro! So anyway, I chose to go with the Pro Longwear foundation in NW15 at £25.00. I really wanted to try a lipstick as well but couldnt decide on one and the shop was about to close so left it for now.
So now I have my foundation home and have used it a few times for work and for general days off out and about , I absoloutely love it. It's a really light natural looking foundation and lasts so long. I am super happy with this purchase and think it was well worth the higher price tag. hopefully this is the start of a long and happy relationship between myself and mac :)

Friday, 8 November 2013

What's In My Bag?

So I thought it was about time I jumped on the band wagon and did a What's in my bag post. I'm afraid my day to day work bag isn't all that exciting but I know how much I love reading these posts so hopefully someone will get some enjoyment out of this :)
So firstly the bag is by Radley London. I have had it for a couple of years and unfortunately I don't think it is available now. However there is a bag called the Johnston which looks to be a very similar style so that's maybe worth a look if you like this one. I really love this bag it's a medium sort of size and perfect for when I don't need to carry too much stuff around, at the moment I am using it as my work bag. I live about a 5 minute walk (if that) from where I work so why I feel the need to carry so much stuff I have no idea. My purse is also by Radley and is an even older style than the bag but I bought it off Ebay recently and it is just like new so I am so pleased with it. It's a small purse but with lots of space.
I also carry a pencil case, because there is never any pens at work! This is the pink sparkly one in the picture , I think I got this from Sainsburys last year.
I always have a notebook with me for any ideas I have or anything I am told to do that I cant forget! (I still usually forget) I really like the pukka pad project books and have far too many of them. Im a stationeryaholic!
My diary is something which I use religiously when I first purchase one and then it's just kinda there, forgotten and unloved. I have no idea why I do that? I guess I just get lazy. This one was from Tescos and i think they have a similar one available for 2014.
The famous tangle teaser is my choice of brush at the moment and its amazing. I looked at these for a while before I purchased it as I thought they were a bit pricey, but thanks to my Boots Advantage card I had a fair bit of money to spend so I got one and I dont regret it, I would definately recommend them.
I also have a Glamour magazine that I bought at work yesterday to read in my break , bargain at £2 and a free nail polish woohoo. I don't read this magazine every month  but like to pick it up now and again and who can resist a freebie.
Very uninteresting product next, my deodorant. It's just a Palmolive Soft and Gentle Passion Flower and Black Orchid and it is my favourite.

So the Minnie Mouse case was a purchase from Primark in the summer and cost a couple of pounds roughly and it has become my Just Incase case! As you can see I like to keep essentials in it, tissues, vicks inhaler, perfume sample, lip products, eye liner, hand sanitizer, hand food, and some pain killers. What else could you need? Actually I think I have some hair bobbles and Kirby grips in there now as well :)
And finally my work keys!!

That's the contents of my bag hope you enjoyed :)

Friday, 1 November 2013

I'm Back! :)

So I just wanted to write a quick post to let the world know I am still here! I have been really busy recently and just not had a lot of writing inspiration or time. To top it all off I got a little kitten :) Her name is Jess and she is now 11 weeks old and just the cutest little thing ever. It's too hard to concentrate on anything when she is around.

So now that things have calmed down again and Jess is all settled in and I have my new MacBook Pro :) finally, it's time to get cracking again with my blog. I have lots of blogpost ideas and things I want to write about so I'm gonna get started on those asap, but in the meantime just wanted to let you people of the internet know I haven't abandoned you! 

Speak to you soon