Friday, 31 January 2014

Nars Purchase :)

I've been a little bit naughty. I have been resisting temptation to buy some high end make up for a while and I got some for christmas from my lovely other half. The problem is I like to browse and whilst I was doing so on the Nars website the other day I made a sneaky purchase. I couldn't resist any longer.

It's the Nars One Night Stand Cheek Palette! This is a limited product but is still available on the website so I'm pretty sure it will be fairly easy to get your hands on for a while. It is a little pricey at £45.00 but if you can get it I highly recommend you do. It is such a lovely product and with some amazing colours in it, and when you consider how much one blush from Nars is it doesn't seem so expensive after all.

               This palette is made up of - 

               Deep throat

I have only just received this palette so haven't had the pleasure of trying it out just yet but I am so excited to do so and I will be sure to let you know how it does. 
Just had to share with you as soon as I got it because I am so so excited. I was meant to be doing a post on Mua this week however my order hasn't arrived yet :( Oh well at least this lovely Nars palette has been able to stand in .


Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Daily Make Up

Recently I have kind of gotten into a bit of a Daily Make Up Routine. I think it is because I have gone  back to work and it's just easier to have a nice simple Make Up look to do as I can start as early as 6am sometimes. So these are the products I am using at the moment.

Simple -Light Moisturiser
Benefit - The Porefessional
Collection - Lasting Perfection Concealer in Fair
Mac - Pro Longwear Foundation in NW15
Sleek - Au Naturel Palette (for eyebrows, pictured below the third from left on the bottom)

MUA - Heaven and Earth Palette (usually a light colour over lids and a dark for the crease)
Maybelline- Mega Plush Mascara
Rimmel- Scandal Eyes Eyeliner in Nude on my waterline
Nars - Orgasm Blush
And finally to set it all Rimmel -Stay Matte Powder in transparent

And this is the final look!
(Please excuse my hair I had just dried it!)

Hope you enjoyed this post, hopefully going to be doing a lot more beauty related posts soon

:) xx

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January Glossy Box

So it's that time again! Glossy Box is here. The box itself is slightly different this month, it's a little larger and now fits the Glossy Mag perfectly. It's also a lot more Glossy. I really like the new design, not that I didn't like the old boxes but this just feels a little bit more special. Inside they even have a new ribbon with Glossy Box on it, unfortunately I was unable to get a picture of this as Jess ran off with it and hid it as soon as she saw it and so far I have been unable to find it :(

This month's box is the Back to Basics box. I guess kind of predictable for January. I have read a few blogs and watched a few people's videos on youtube about this box and I would say the overall reaction to it is disappointment. I think I am one of only a small few that are actually quite happy with this box.

Ok so I admit it doesn't look like much, but I am pretty sure I will use all of these products and I have never tried any of them before. That's what Glossy Box is all about, trying something new. Ok so maybe there isn't a lot of value in this box but there is definitely more than the £10 I payed for it. The products I received are:

Yu-Be Moisturising Skin Cream £13.50 for 33g.  I received 2 samples at  3g each. Very small but the fact you get 2 kind of makes up for it. I had never heard of this brand before but after looking at the information I am quite excited to try it. I just hope it lives up to all the hype.

Balance Me Super Toning Body Wash £10.25 for 250ml. The bottle we got was a 50ml which is a nice size. I guess with the full size not being all that expensive it would be nice to get a bigger sample but I am quite happy with the size I received. I am sure it will be enough to decide if I like it or not.

The Vintage Cosmetic Company Floral Slanted Tweezers £8.00. I was so excited when I saw we were getting these. I wasn't in need of new tweezers but these are just so pretty. I seem to be getting into floral more recently. I have no idea where that has come from. Anyway again not exactly expensive but it's more than I would pay out for a pair of tweezers so I am pleased. They feel like a real quality product as well and I am sure I will get a lot of use out of them.

Anatomicals Puffy The Eye Bag Slayer Wake-Up Under Eye Patches £6.00 for 3 pack.
This product really intrigues me. Since going back to work I have been so tired that having bags under my eyes is just normal. Concealer helps but only so much. I am really looking forward to seeing if these work. I have never tried anything like this before so not sure what to expect.

Beauty UK CC Cream £4.99 for 25ml.  Again something I have never tried. CC creams have kind of gone over my head. I want to try them but don't want to spend the money to be disappointed I guess, so it's great that I have received one this month. Beauty UK is a brand I haven't really come across and certainly never purchased from but the product seems to be of ok quality, however I haven't tried it properly yet. All the same happy to have received it.

Overall I am pleased with everything I got in this month's box. Ok it's not the most exciting box ever but I will use everything in it and I get to try some brands I haven't come across before.

Do you get a Glossy Box? What did you receive this month? What was your view of it?


Monday, 27 January 2014

Jess Update!!

So my little kitty Jess is getting so big so quick! She will be 6 months old next month and I was going to wait until then to do an update, however she is doing so many cute things just now that I just cam't wait any longer. I have already shared and talked about this but as you can see from the video above she plays fetch!! I have no idea where this has come from?! Neither Graham or I have tried to teach her this she just randomly started doing it one day. That was such a proud moment for me. She is such a clever little kitten. She still enjoys climbing up for a cuddle of course.....

....just not always in the most comfortable of positions. I don't mind though she makes me happy when she cuddles in. She has also started hiding under the rug.

Probably not the safest hiding place. She is doing these amongst many other things. I really want to get a video of her when she sits on the window sill and squeaks at the birds it is just so cute. All the while her tail is going crazy. She has been teething recently as well and I have to say she didn't seem to get too distressed. One of her teeth fell out when she was play biting me and another she spat at me! Lovely. She has also found a new place to sleep in a basket that sits on top of my cupboard. Crazy Jess!
I think that is all for now. She amazes me daily with the mischief she gets up to. I am going to start taking note and trying to capture more pictures and videos of her in the act.
So hopefully I will have more to share soon
:) xx

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Getting Back to Me!

So I decided that this week was going so well I just needed to write a little blog post about it! After all my dreading going back to work it turns out it's actually going quite well. I feel a bit silly now to be honest. I wasted such a lot of time worrying about it. All my new colleagues have been so nice and welcoming. Things just seem so different this week. I have had a smile on my face most of the time for the past 3 days! I just feel so positive all of a sudden I can't describe it. Good things are happening, I have had 2 telephone interviews for jobs so far this week. One has already asked me to go for an interview in store. Fingers crossed the other one does too. I have even more exciting news though. My little kitty Jess has started playing fetch!! I have made no effort to try and train her to do this, she just kind of started doing it . I was so excited when she did this for the first time, I never thought it was something she would do because....well....she's a cat not a dog. I managed to get a short clip of it you can watch below :)

Well that's all for now just wanted to share my positivity with the world :)


Saturday, 18 January 2014

Getting Back to Work

Right now that picture is the scariest sight to me. I have been off work for a little while now with Depression and Anxiety. I was very close to a break down in December but luckily I went to the Dr before it got to that stage. So now I'm coming to the end of my time off, my medication is kicking in and I'm due back at work next week. Only I'm not going back to the work I knew...I have been given a transfer to another store. It's exciting to have a kind of new start, however it also terrifies me to no end. Obviously a few weeks off hasn't cured my anxiety, it's still very much there and going to a new store where I don't know anyone or how things are done is a horrible thought. I hate the idea of being the new girl. Especially because I am in a position where I need to be able to get the staff to respect and work for me. I will be fine once I get back into the swing of things, I know that because I love working. I'm not someone who could give up work and do nothing. I enjoy the sense of achievement when I do a good job. It's a real boost. So although I am absolutely petrified I am not allowing myself to take anymore time off. I have had more than enough time and it's time I get a but tougher on myself and sort myself out. Scared but in a positive way is how I could be described right now I guess. I have a lot of ambition when it comes to work this year. Although I enjoy the job I do, it's not really what I want to do. I currently work in food retail, and although I am happy to stay in retail, I just don't particularly want to be in the food industry. I would really like to get more into beauty or fashion retail. There's not a lot of opportunities in these areas where I live but I am extremely determined to get where I want to be. I want to make this year a good one, one to remember. xx

Sunday, 5 January 2014

Becoming an Auntie :)

This has been a very exciting day for me - well for the family actually. As the title shows I have become an auntie! It's actually my other half's brother that has become a dad so technically not my family yet but his kids are the only way I am going to get nieces and nephews so the fact I am not quite married into the family yet is irrelevant as far as I am concerned.
I'm so incredibly excitable about it all. Not broody yet though (honest). The new parents didn't know whether they were having a boy or a girl until the baby was actually born so as soon as the news came in that they had had a little girl I went slightly crazy buying pink baby items. It takes so long to decide what to buy. I would have bought everything if i could have afforded it . Do you get the impression that this adorable little baby girl is going to be slightly spoilt? Well she's technically my first niece and I don't have children of my own yet so I have to spoil her!
I wish I had managed to get a little picture of her to show just how beautiful she is. There is just something about the innocence of a newborn child that can cheer you up no matter how bad a day you are having. I can't look at a baby without it causing a huge smile on my face, and I sure little baby Ruby will be no exception to that! :)


Thursday, 2 January 2014

Hello 2014 :-) New Year New Me

So 2013 hasn't been the best of years for me. I mean there has been a lot of excitement with setting up this blog, planning my wedding, and of course welcoming little Jess (my kitten) into our lives, but there has been some downs as well. I have really struggled with day to day life for the last few months because my depression has become so bad. I'm working on that now though and looking to a much brighter future. So with all that being said I thought I should share my New Years Resolutions with you - maybe then I will be encouraged to stick to them?

  • First up has got to be THINK POSITIVE.  It's way to easy to let myself get down about life, but this year I am going to do my best to find the positives in every situation. 
  • Second is JUST DO IT. For to long I have been scared to live my dreams and do the things I want to, not anymore. It's time to take those chances and live my life for me.
  • Next up it's LOSE WEIGHT. A resolution I make each and every year and never stick to but this year I need to at least lose a decent amount for my wedding or I will be so disappointed in myself. 
  • And last but not least BE MORE ORGANISED. I am super messy and super unorganised when it comes to....well everything really. This is probably the root of many of my problems and I need to fix it. Life would be so much easier if I planned ahead !! 
So these are my resolutions for 2014 what do you think? Are the realistic?? Do you have any resolutions this year? Comment and let me know.