Friday, 16 May 2014

Diet Update Week 1

I'm a little late doing this as Wednesday is my weigh in day! Sorry! Anyway week 1 on the Celebrity Slim diet has gone really well for me and the good news is I lost 5 and a half pounds! Woohoo! I'm so excited about starting to lose weight again it is just such a great feeling.
 I feel like meal replacement diets are the only way for me to start my weight loss because it's so quick and easy and I don't have the choice of what I am having - other than what flavour really. I know what I am having when and it is super quick to get ready and have, whereas if I was just healthy eating and was super hungry I would just end up having an unhealthy ready meal or a take away or something rather than choose a healthy option. Especially with me working shifts, I can be eating my meals and really odd times of day and working in a food shop I always choose the unhealthy but quick and easy options. This way I can take my shakes to work and have my one proper meal at home when I have time to prepare something healthy.
I really thought I would struggle with the meal part as there are a lot of foods which you are meant to avoid, namely potatoes and pasta which I would normally eat with most meals. The idea is to cut down on high carbohydrate foods, which I thought would be so difficult, but actually it wasn't. You see although I don't always choose the healthy options I do like most healthy foods. So where I would normally have potatoes I just replaced it with other vegetables that are allowed.
I also really thought I would struggle with only having healthy snacks but actually it's not too bad. I haven't even thought about having a packet of crisps which has always been my weakness. I don't want to speak to soon though as it's only the start of the first week.
I have felt alright all week as well no more hungry than usual, no side effects from the change in diet, except maybe peeing more often. I have struggled to drink enough water everyday but I'm working on that.
I realised that I should probably post some before pictures so you can see the difference but I didn't take any. Oops. I will take some tomorrow though, because obviously I haven't made drastic changes in one week, and get them up when I get a chance.

Have any of you tried this diet or any other meal replacement diets? How did you get on?

Julie x

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