Tuesday, 29 July 2014

National Lipstick Day - My Top 5

It's National Lipstick Day!! So I decided that it would only be fitting to share with you my 5 favourites. I haven't got a massive Lipstick collection, but I struggled to pick only 5. 

The 5 I went with are:
Topshop - Brighton Rock
Mac - Patisserie
Rimmel Kate - 107
Elizabeth - Red Door Red 02?
Chanel Rouge Coco Shine - 68 Candeur

The ones I wear most regularly are probably the Mac and Rimmel ones. The Chanel lipstick was a christmas gift from my now husband (!!) and I love it. It doesn't have a lot of colour pay off but feels super nice on.
As you can see I decided to wear the Rimmel Kate 107 today. Nice and bold lip for National Lipstick Day of course :)

I hear there is £5 of Lipsticks at Debenhams today so I may have to head on over to their website and make a couple of cheeky purchases :)

What's your favourite lipsticks? Can you recommend any for me?

Julz xx

Friday, 25 July 2014

Honeymoon Inverness

Something quite big happened to me recently.....I got married. And you know what that means????? Honeymoon, oh yeah! Money is a little tight at the moment but we were given money specifically towards going away which was great. We decided just to go away for a long weekend up to Inverness. We stayed in a premier inn, nice but nothing special but you know what you get with them. Here's a few pics :-)

Urquhart castle:



Highland Wildlife park :

Massive cream cake:

Blair castle:

There is so much to do and see up in and around Inverness. If you are thinking about going for a visit definitely do it. I had a great time. 

Julz xx

Topshop Make Up

I'm just back from my honeymoon, but rather than write about that I decided to do a post on Make up! To be fair I did pick it up whilst I was away on my honeymoon! I have heard and read so many good reviews on make up from Topshop but somehow haven't actually tried it myself.....until now. I came across it whilst browsing the shops in Inverness and decided it was about time I gave it a shot. I only picked up a couple of products but wish I had gotten more, because I love them and have used them most days since.

I went with a lipstick in the shade Brighton Rock. I believe this is a very popular one and it's no wonder. Its a beautiful, although very bright, pink. Not a colour I would usually be brave enough to wear, but I'm so glad I chose it!
I also picked up a powder blush in Good Girl, which is also a pink but a lighter one. I really love the colour of this one. It is so nice on and not too much.
All in all I'm only disappointed with one thing.....the fact I didn't pick up some more of the products. It's just as well my nearest Topshop is about an hour away otherwise I would be spending a fortune. Just have to try and avoid the website :)

Have you tried Topshop make up? How do you rate it?

Julz xx

Saturday, 5 July 2014

I'm getting married in a week!!!!

Omg where has the last year gone!! Feels like only last week week we started planning our wedding and now it's so close to being here. One week to go!!! Strangely the nerves haven't kicked in yet.....the excitement has though :-) I can't wait to put on my beautiful dress and marry the guy I love.

I had my hen do a couple of weekends ago. Until the day I didn't have a clue what I was doing , or where, or when!! Two of my lovely bridesmaids planned the whole thing and I wasn't allowed to know anything. They got a group together and we went to a local music event. It was a really great day and right up my street. They did so well.

Unfortunately I haven't got any good pictures to share with here are some bad ones!


I have spent a lot of today (well yesterday now) sorting out favours and things. I never want to see purple ribbon again. I really can't sleep tonight , hence how i have finally found the time to write my first blog post in such a long time. Last shift at work tomorrow yipee!!! Well I really am starting to ramble on now so me and Nugget are off to play the Sims :) He loves it .

Julz xx