Saturday, 30 August 2014

We Got Our Wedding Pictures!

As you may or may not know I got married last month! Last week we got our wedding pictures and I am so happy with them. Generally I hate getting my photo taken and to be honest on the day I was getting slightly annoyed at the amount of posing seriously it took up half the day. 

It seems though that it was worth it as we got some really beautiful shots. I'm not gonna ramble on any more I'm just gonna pop some of my favourites of the two of us below. 

Julie xx

Too Scared To Sleep!

I just thought I would do a quick post on how I'm feeling. It's currently 3.54am and I am still awake. this is about the 4th night in a row that this has been the case. I think the first night I struggled because I was on a midnight finish at work and it takes me a long time to wind down after work to the point I want to sleep. Anyway as the week has gone on I have gotten more and more tired and started feeling unwell....probably due to the tiredness. Yet I still can't sleep. I'm getting some crazy headaches now and just don't feel right at all and because of this I'm too scared to go to sleep. I get like this now and then. Anyway its like I'm too scared to go to sleep incase I don't wake up again. Crazy I know. I mean for one thing if that did happen its not like I'm gonna know about it. It's getting  a little silly now. I have been like this for a long time I think I may have mentioned in a previous post that when I was younger I used to be scared to go to sleep incase the house went on fire and then I got really really scared of the wind so if it was a windy night I would pretty much be crying myself to sleep thats how much I hated it. I'm not scared of the dark or anything like that I think I'm almost afraid of sleep. I was always the child that wouldn't sleep incase I missed anything. I'm at the stage I need to get over this though and find a way to just shut off at night and go to sleep. What is really bizarre is that I can sleep in the day time no bother at all if I'm tired nothing is stopping me, but at night no matter how sleepy I am I will not go to sleep quickly. I have been in bed for probably about 6 hours now and although I am so tired I am still kinda wide awake. Sometimes I struggle if I know I have to get up and ready for a 6am start at work, I worry I will sleep in,  but I haven't even had that reason for the past few days as I have been on later starts. I don't want to take sleeping pills because as I said I sometimes have super early starts and don't want to risk sleeping in. I really don't know what to do, this has been a problem for so long it is pretty much normal for me but more recently I have been getting to sleep at a more decent time like around midnight, but this week it has gone all wrong.

Do you have trouble sleeping and overthink things like I do? Do you have any tips on how to switch off and get to sleep??

Ok time for another attempt at sleepy time :)

Julie xx

Monday, 18 August 2014

Jess is One!!!!!

Where has the time gone?? My little Jess is now a whole year old and has been with us for about 10 months!!! Although I say time has gone fast it does feel like she has been here forever. It's a really strange feeling. She has changed so much in the last 10 months. She has gone from a hyper crazy yet cuddly little kitten to....well basically the same but a little less hyper. She is no where near as cuddly as she used to be but it just makes me appreciate it even more when she does decide she needs cuddles.

She has become so much calmer in the last couple of months, since we got her a little brother Nugget.  They are so cute chasing each other about and she is like a typical good big sister who likes to keep and eye on him and make sure he is ok. Now when we take her outside she has a lot more tolerance for other cats. We still don't let her out by herself because we are out all day working and don't have a cat flap. Don't worry it's on the shopping list because as much as I wanted to try and keep Jess as an indoor cat she has made it quite clear she just isn't.

I still love her as much as the day we got her. In my eyes she will always be my little Jess, no matter how big she gets :)

Julz xx

Monday, 11 August 2014

Just Julz Blog is One!

I can't believe it Just Julz Blog is one year old today!!! I didn't think I would even stick it out this long. I didn't think I would ever have any followers...but it didn't matter I started this for me and it's just a bonus if someone else feels its worth following me :) As of now I have 76 followers on Bloglovin, not a huge amount but I am grateful for each one.

So much has happened in the last year. I have moved jobs, got 2 kittens, got married, amongst other things. I feel like I have grown quite a lot in myself as a blogger and I can't wait to see how much progress I have made on Just Julz second birthday!

Now that I have managed to stick to writing this blog for a year I want to make a commitment. I have decided that I will write at least one blog post a week. I have been terrible at not making this a regular thing, but now I really want to do it! I'm going to try and do something positive every week and write about it! For my sake as much as for my readers. I spend far to much of my free time sitting on my butt doing nothing. It's time to make some changes. :-)

Here are some highlights of the past year :

It's been a good one, but now's time to move on to the next .

Julz xx