Monday, 5 January 2015

New Years Resolutions!!

It's that time again and I'm sure people are getting bored of reading these but I think it's quite an important exercise for everyone to take the time out and decide what they would like to achieve in the coming year, no matter how big or small.

I have to say I was completely useless with last years resolutions, although the first one I made was be positive and I truly believe that for a majority of the year I managed this. Maybe it was all the hype with the wedding, I don't know. I stumbled back to my old ways towards the end of last year but I am still going to count this one as a success. the rest were a disaster. 

This year I have one resolution 

Be Happy

I know that might seem like a huge thing, or to some it may be easy. To me it's huge. There are so many things that make me unhappy that I either need to learn to live with or do something about it and change them. That is the hard bit. It's so easy to sit and be miserable about something but actually putting myself out there to change it around is so so difficult. I have been having problems, probably in the last month or so, with my anxiety. It seems that now I have my depression under control that anxiety is taking over. It's been lurking in the background whilst I was struggling with depression and now it's come out and taken over things. I am trying my hardest not to let it stop me doing what I want to though.

These two usually know how to make me happy when  I am feeling a little down. Too cute!!

This post probably hasn't been the most exciting read but I just wanted to put it out there that all that matters is that no matter what we do, we do it for the sake of being happy and enjoying life, and that is what I am going to really try to focus on this year. 

Have you made any New Years Resolutions this year?? Leave me a comment I would be really interested to know what they are :)

Julz xx


  1. awww cute post! I struggle with the same as you and i let myself get wound up by the littelest things in life which is silly but it happens x We're all only human! My cats keep me happy also hehe when im in a grump a always go and have a cuddle with them hehe x never fails to make me smile x I have been trying to use guided meditation on youtube to help with my anxiety and staying positive and happy x give it a try :) x hope it can help in some way!
    Sophie Jenner

    1. Thanks for the comment it is so nice to hear from someone who struggles like me. cats are just the best aren't they? Thanks for the tip I will definitely check that out and give it a try :)

      Julz x