Monday, 27 July 2015


I have a confession to make...I'm the internet. I know what you are thinking, isn't everyone? Now don't get me wrong I think the internet is an amazing thing, I literally google anything I don't know the answer to, but I honestly believe it is having a negative effect on my life.

I can spend so many hours a day just browsing the internet. My biggest weakness has to be YouTube. Every single night when I go to bed I watch all my favourite YouTubers new videos. Now as a person that has suffered with depression I really think watching the amazing things some YouTubers get to do is not helping me with that at all. On the one hand I'm like I could do this, I could go and do these things but on the other I'm like my life sucks! 

I am seriously starting to live my life through these people instead of going out on my own adventures and experiencing the world for myself. It's ridiculous. I want to be out there making things happen not watching everyone else get to have the fun. I mean I know these guys work hard for the lifestyle they are leading, but at least they enjoy what they are doing. 

So I am setting myself a little challenge. At least one night a week the internet will be banned in my house. Both my husband and myself are bad for sitting on our phones browsing Facebook and Twitter etc, and we barely talk to each other some nights. So for the sake of our relationship and my sanity, one night a week when we are both home there will be no internet at all. 

I wonder how he will take this news hehe. I actually don't think it will matter to him all that much, I'm definitely more addicted than him. 

Who knows maybe I will get out and about a bit more and have more to write about?

What do you think of this idea, could you manage without the internet?

Julz xx

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