Friday, 17 July 2015

Glossybox July 2015

It's that time again! Glossybox time! This month is the Vive La France edition, and first impressions are great. This box is right up my street. It's illustrated by Jamie Lee Reardin. Definitely one of the boxes to keep.

I think the box is my favourite part!

Inside is a little pouch, again with the character from the box who I believe is given the name Mademoiselle Glossy.

I love this also. It's is just like a plastic zip pouch but I'm sure I will find some use for it. 

As expected all the products this month are french.

I received:

Yves Rocher - comme une evidence eau de parfum

noxidoxi - Enhancing serum base

Teoxane Cosmeceuticals - Perfect Skin Refiner

Lollipops - Lip Balm délicieuse

I have to say I'm not overly excited about the products this month. I mean I will use the lip balm. The perfume is a little old ladyish in my opinion. The other two I may give a go. I haven't tried a serum before so that might be good to try.

I'm not too disappointed though, purely because I love the box and the little pouch.

I have been subscribed to Glossybox for a couple of years now and although I love receiving them I think I'm maybe going to try a different beauty box next month. Either that or I may subscribe to one of the boxes you can get for your cat :)

Do you get Glossybox? What do you think of this box?

Julz xx

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