Sunday, 6 September 2015

Off To The Beach

Last week I was convinced it was time to say goodbye to summer for another year and then I wake up today to a beautiful sunny day. In fact not just sunny but hot as well! Yes then! I have been on a day off and the husband was away paintballing with friends so I decided to take myself off to the beach at Berwick-Upon-Tweed.

I almost didn't go because I'm a lazy bum and it takes an hour to get to the beach, but I'm so glad I managed to move my butt and go. I found a nice quiet spot on the beach, where there was just a few people, mainly dog walkers. It was such a nice day with blue skies and a nice breeze on the beach, and I had a nice leisurely stroll with my camera.

I need to start making the effort to do things like this more often when I can. Just wish I had realised that at the beginning of the Summer not the end!

What do you like to do to get you out of the house? 

Julz xx

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