Saturday, 31 October 2015

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everybody! 

I'm not writing about Halloween but it felt wrong not to acknowledge it at all.

Can you believe it is the end of October already? and the end of Blogtober. 

Do you like my new notebook? I came across it in Tesco yesterday and it seemed quite appropriate so I picked it up. (I did pay for it)

I know I failed to post yesterday but I was absolutely exhausted. I was on an early shift yesterday morning, then I went to Granny sit (not that I was needed or there very long), then I went shopping and by the time I got home and had my dinner I was ready to sleep. 

I have no idea why I was so tired and it's not like me to fall asleep so early but I must have been sleeping by about 8.30. That's how tired I was.

Never mind I have had a decent sleep and felt a lot better today. 

I have managed a post for every other day this month though so I am pleased with that. 

 Maybe in November I will stick to doing a post once a week. I said that at the end of July and it didn't happen. I am so unorganised it's not even funny.

I feel like I should have more to say today but I just don't, maybe I'm still more tired than I thought.

I'm gonna have a nice chilled evening with a cider and watch some YouTube and then go to bed and read for a while so I'm fresh for work in the morning :) 

I hope you have enjoyed Blogotober and thanks to everyone who has visited Just Julz it's been a great month for my little blog :)

Julz xx

Thursday, 29 October 2015

October Favourites

I am actually going to do a favourites post this month. I know I did a current favourites earlier in the month but for once I have things to talk about.

If you read The Day I Did Nothing But Watch YouTube Videos you will know I came across Reece Mastin and really liked his music. Yeh well now I love it. I haven't stopped listening to it and normally I get fed up after about a week or 2 of repeating the same songs. Not this time. I don't know what it is about this guy's music but it is just so good. Honestly go check him out if you haven't already.

I have rediscovered Avocado this month. I went through a stage of having rye bread avocado and poached egg all the time, I loved it. I'm not very good at poaching eggs though so I eventually gave up on it. I never thought to just have avocado on toast. So my latest thing is to have 2 slices of the small warburtons seeded loaf toasted and slice up half an avocado and pop it on them. I am trying to cut down my portions thats why I am using the small loaf I'm trying to trick myself so 2 small slices seems like I'm getting more than just one big one but it's probably not that much difference, hopefully.

My next favourite is smiling :) Yep I am finally starting to do that again. I feel like this month has been such a positive one towards sorting my life out. It's great. I'm so much happier than I have been in a long time and my confidence is growing all the time. ( I know yesterday was a down day so this seems a bit odd to say but in general it's been true.)

Make up wise I have another rediscovery and it is doing my eyes really dark. I used to always wear dark make up on my eyes but kind of grew out of it but I really love the look and have started wearing it again occasionally, especially for photos. I love a black and white photo where my eyes are really dark. Everything looks better in black and white doesn't it?

OK maybe I don't have as much to talk about as I thought, but this is the second favourites post of the month so it's alright :)

Overall October has been a pretty positive month for me so let's get ready to make November an even better one.

Julz xx

A Down Day

 I feel crap! I have no idea what is wrong with me but I have just felt so down for the last couple of days. I can feel myself slipping into the mindset of what is the bloody point? I'm trying so hard not to let myself end up there.

How much does it suck to be a grown up?

I think I am just sick of waiting for things to happen but there's not a lot I can do to make them happen any faster, or it feels like there isn't.

I have been doing so well recently at staying positive and trying to look to the future, it's just that the future feels like it is never coming.

I just need a little rant today I know it's not the most exciting of posts to read but when I get like this it just takes over and there is no way in heck I can be creative.

It's annoying because it isn't like anything has happened to make me suddenly become so down, I almost wish something had just so that I knew why I was like this. 

Ok rant over for now, not that there was much ranting, but I can't even be bothered to do that properly  :(

There's only one thing for it...go to my safe place (bed), watch some YouTube, give Jess some cuddles, eat some crisps and read my Christmas magazine. Then maybe go to sleep and hope to goodness I feel better in the morning.

Julz xx

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Updated What's In My Bag


 I have decided to do an updated What's In My Bag? I thought it wasn't long since I last did one, turns out it was 3 months ago. Plus I am using a different bag, therefore it's ok. Some people might find this a bit boring but I love having a nosy in other peoples bags.

The bag I'm using just now is by Ness, I'm not sure of it's name unfortunately. It was a very nice gift and I love it.

It's actually a really nice size, I can't get too much in it but there is enough room for more than I need.

It's not too messy!

In one of the sections I have:
My diary which I got off Amazon and a pen (which probably came from work)
A random cat bookmark 
My iPhone cable
Amor Amor perfume which is almost gone!
My Modalu Pippa purse 
My camera the Canon SX610 HS
and my deodorant Nivea Pearl and Beauty

The zip section in the middle is handy for all my keys.

For some reason I have half a packet of almonds, I'm healthy sometimes I guess.

I also have tweezers? 

In the front section I have:
A little pouch for my make up
A hair brush
Some Extra chewing gum
Some Nurofen (which you would not normally find but after my wisdom tooth pain I always keep these on me just incase)
Finally of course my iPhone.

My little make up pouch came in a Glossybox a few months ago and is just a nice size for some basics. At the moment I am carrying around:
Nars Guy Bourdin One Night Stand Cheek Palette
Benefit Porefessional License to Blot
A Rimmel Kohl Eyeliner
Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer (a must have)
Carmex Lip Balm
Revlon Colorstay Foundation 
Some bobbles 

Ok maybe I still carry around more than I thought. There probably is no need for all of this to be in there but oh well you never know what situation you will find yourself in, and honestly these seem like basics to me. This is the tidiest my handbag has been in a long time.

Do you carry around as much as me? Or are you worse?

Julz xx

Monday, 26 October 2015


This is just a quick post today with one simple question... Is it normal for a cat to pose this much?

 (i know this isn't a pose but his lickle paws are cute)

Cute though isn't he? Guess he must know it haha

Julz xx

Disney Tag

I recently came across this Disney tag and even though I haven't actually been tagged I decided to do it anyway just because I love Disney!

Favourite Disney film?
 Definitely Pocahontas. It has been since it first came out when I was little. I'm not sure why but I love it.

Favourite Disney character?
It's got to be Mickey Mouse hasn't it?

Favourite Disney princess?
Pocahontas of course

Favourite Disney side-kick?
Either Olaf or Flit and Meeko

Favourite Disney song?
Beauty and the Beast from Beauty and the Beast.

Which Disney character would be your best friend?
Merida she is Scottish after all

Who would be your Disney pet?
I would have Percy the Pug from Pocahontas. 

Have you ever been to disneyland?
Yep I went to Disneyland Paris for my 21st birthday it was amazing I really want to go to Disney World at some point too.

Who is your disney alter ego?
 I did a quiz for this one because I didn't know what to put, turns out it's Belle

Your Alter Ego is Belle!
Beautiful, Smart, Loyal and Brave.

You matched with Belle!
People describe you as one of a kind.
You are most likely to win an award for your kindness.
You never let your friends down and will always stand by there side.
You are a really smart person and love a good book.
Other people find you to be quiet shy, but that's because they dont really know you.
You like to keep yourself private but love spending time with your loved ones.
You are one of a kind!

Ok then, happy with that.

Who is your favourite disney villain?
Cruella De Vil 

Do you collect anything disney wise?
Not really just the Dvd's, lots and lots of dvd's. 

What disney film would you star in if you could?
I think one of the older ones like Mary Poppins maybe or a bit more modern maybe Camp Rock.

How old were you when you watched your first disney film?
I must have been very young because I can't remember at all.

What do you love about disney?
 I have no idea what it is about Disney but it just sucks me in every time. I think it's to do with wanting to be a child again because that seems like such an easy and happy time now I am an adult.

Who is your favourite disney couple?
Simba and Nala because well they are just cute aren't they?

Do you love Disney as much as me?

Julz xx

Saturday, 24 October 2015

300 Twitter Followers

Just Julz hit 300 followers on Twitter ! What the heck? I know that isn't a lot compared to a lot of people but to me its mental. I have been sitting so close to 300 for a while now so when I realised I was at 303 I was so excited. 

I'm gonna be so embarrassed if by the time I post this some people have unfollowed! At least I got proof.

I honestly don't write this blog to achieve huge views and followers but I can't lie, it feels good when the numbers start going up. Just Julz has gone from having a handful of views a day earlier this year, sometimes none, to a 383 the other day! What? That was the day I posted on Facebook about it so I'm pretty sure my friends and family had a lot to do with that so thanks guys.

Don't get me wrong since then the views have gone back down but are still a lot more than I would  expect. I'm just some random lass in Scotland tapping away at my computer getting all the junk out my brain. The internet is just great isn't it? Haha!

Yeah so I guess I just wanted to write this post to say thank you to everyone following and supporting Just Julz. I hope I can keep up this posting regularly and get bigger and better.

Imagine how excited I will be if I get to 500 followers! 

Julz xx

Friday, 23 October 2015

Break Up Songs That Don't Make Me Cry

As you may or may not know my marriage has recently ended. You may also know that I love music and have been turning to it during this time. It would be all too easy to listen to all the sad break up songs and get all depressed but I have purposely not done that and instead found some more positive ones.

Here's my playlist of Break Up Songs That Don't Make Me Cry

JoJo - Too Little Too Late
Whitney Houston- I Didn't Know My Own Strength
Reece Mastin - I Don't Love You Anymore
Rachel Platten - Fight Song (although I'm not sure it's a break up song it seems relevant)
Taylor Swift - We Are Never Getting Back Together
Jennifer Lopez - I'm Gonna Be Alright
NSync - Bye Bye Bye
Kelly Clarkson - Since You Been Gone
Fleetwood Mac - Go Your Own Way
Funeral For a Friend - Streetcar
Demi Lovato - Really Don't Care

Quite an odd mix I know. I'm pretty sure there are plenty more out there that I'm going to come across but for now these are the ones I'm loving.

Do you have any songs that have helped you through a break up?

Julz xx

Thursday, 22 October 2015

Feeling Good

If you checked in yesterday you will know I was taking a big step and sharing Just Julz with everyone on my personal Facebook page........and I was crapping myself about it.

I needn't have been worried. So far there has been no mean comments, phew. In fact the stats for yesterday went through the roof, I think about 200 more than my highest previous page views. Crazy.

I got a couple of really nice comments on Facebook as well so that made me smile :)

I feel like a weight has been's great.

Anyway I have had a good day, went for a spot of shopping with mum this morning for my birthday present...yep she didn't buy me anything. Terrible isn't it? Hehe. 

Whenever mum goes anywhere the first stop has to be for coffee so we started with that, well, I had hot chocolate.

Yummy!and a nice healthy granola bar 

 Kinda started eating it before I remembered to take a picture, typical me really.

As I have been shopping I thought I would show you what I picked up.

From boots I got a new mirror for doing my make up. This is the No7 Illuminated Mirror and it is a bargain at £19.99 just now. Loves it.

I also picked up an eyeshadow palette from Seventeen.This is the Easy On The Eye palette The Big Smoke, and I think it was about £7.99. I like that it's actually a brush included instead of the stupid spongy things you normally get. Hopefully it's good. 

The only other thing I got in Boots was the Bourjois nail varnish remover thingy. It's so good why have I never picked up this before? It is a bit pricey at £4.99 but it works so well. Definitely recommend it if you wear nail varnish all the time. 

I thought that by now the shops would have tonnes of winter coats in but they just don't. Luckily though I found this jacket in New Look. It's exactly what I wanted just a light jacket, because it's not too cold yet but there have been a few days where a jumper just isn't quite enough so this will do me nicely. It was £39.99 .... I think.

I think these are my favourite purchases. I got a voucher for Next for my birthday so popped in to see what I could find. I came across this dressing gown which is soooooo soft! Plus it has gingerbread men on it. What's not to love? It was £24 and then I picked up some new cosy socks for £6. I am going to be so nice and cosy. 

I do love a good shopping spree! Not that I get to do that very often!

Ok better go and get tidied up, because the quicker I get it done the quicker I get to relax and get into my cosy dressing gown :)

Julz xx

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

26 Today!

How the heck am I 26? I can't be 26 already. At the moment all I can think its that's another year wasted. I know that sounds bad but I just mean I definitely didn't make the most of my year of being 25.

Don't get me wrong it's been an eventful few months and some big changes are happening, and I have managed to improve my work situation, which was desperately needed, but I could have done so much more.

Over the last few days I have realised I really need to spend some time working on me and figuring out who I am and what I want from life. I need to open up and come out of my shell I have been hiding away in and just show everyone the real me.

One of the things I haven't shared with the people close to me is this blog. Not because I am ashamed if it or really bothered what they will think, but because it is like my little hiding spot. My escape. Somewhere I can be me.

I now realise after about 2 years of doing this that someone I know is bound to have stumbled upon Just Julz at some point. Although no one has ever mentioned it to me.

So today I am going to take a big step to showing who I am to the people around me. I'm going to share Just Julz on my personal Facebook page and see what happens.

I'm actually crapping myself. I mean it doesn't matter if they all hate it but obviously I don't want them to see it in a bad way.

I guess because I have kept my blog completely separate to my personal life for so long the thought of sharing it now and people judging it is scary.

Who knows maybe no one will pay any attention anyway.

Just incase - To those of you who have decided to come along for a little nosy ,
Hi and welcome to Just Julz. Take a look around. It's nothing too special but please be nice because I have put a lot of time into this and it does mean a lot to me.

I know a lot of people just are not going to get it at all. That's ok though.

I just hope no one goes away thinking it's a bad thing. It's just me rambling on to the internet instead of bugging everyone around me with stuff they're not really interested in, or writing a diary.

Ok here goes nothing :)

Julz xx

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Exciting Delivery

Don't you just love it when you order something and know it's is going to take a little while to arrive so you kind of forget about it and then it surprises you when it arrives?

Well that happened to me today. My SacconeJolys calendar arrived! I wasn't expecting it yet as on the shop it said by the end of October so I was expecting it to be like the 31st. I hadn't even seen the email to say it had been dispatched. 

It's almost like they knew it was my birthday tomorrow and were making sure I had it in time. Haha!

I love the SacconeJolys so much. The little kiddies are just the funniest cutest things ever, and this calendar really shows that.

I know it's just a calendar and there isn't too much you can say about it, but I think it has been really well done. All the pictures are amazing, it's a nice size with plenty of room to write on(even though I kinda don't want to). It smells nice. Yep there I go again smelling things. I can't help it ok.

My birthday month has the lads on. Eduardo in his pj's and his one sock playing with his Daddy, so cute. 

I also love how there is a little quote on each month.

I'm sitting here trying to pick a favourite picture and I can't. I really like them all. 

So glad I bought this. These bloody YouTubers are bleeding me dry like with all their books and calendars and diaries and make up and beauty ranges! Oh well! :)

Have you bought into any of the products brought out by YouTubers?

Julz xx

Monday, 19 October 2015

The Day I Did Nothing But Watch YouTube Videos

I'm stuck in a rut. Most of last night and today has been spent watching YouTube. As it seems to be taking over my life I decided to share my YouTube History for the last 24hours or so. Some of these have been watched repeatedly.

It started like any normal night watching my favourite YouTubers Zoella, Gabriella, Oli White, Saccone Jolys etc.

Then I went to musical YouTubers Doddleoddle to Emma Blackerry to Carrie Hope Fletcher.

Which led me to the Vamps, and a cover they did of MmmBop...which of course led me to a whole load of Hanson videos. Then  I decided to search for Hanson videos from when they were in Edinburgh in 2011 and I saw them. Found a few and watched them all.

Then I thought hmm...wonder if there is any from when I saw Ed Sheeran. There was.

For some reason I then went back to Hanson....a lot of Hanson.

I then somehow made a jump to Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas. A few Camp Rock songs later and I make it to What Dreams Are Made Of from the Lizzie McGuire Movie.

Naturally I then move on to some High School Musical Songs...which I know none of.

Guess what I did next?....Yep back to Hanson. I'm obsessed seriously.

Ok I don't know why but I then watched a few Backstreet Boys, then Nsync and then Spice Girls.

This is just embarrassing.

It's ok it gets better. Honest.

Next I decided I had to figure out what the song that keeps playing at work that I really like is. It turns out it's Hunter Hayes 21. Love it.

I somehow then make a leap to Reece Mastin where I discover Rebel and the Reason which I must have listened to about 20 times. If you haven't heard of him go check him out especially Rebel and the Reason and his new one Even Angels Cry. Honestly his new one is stunning.

Fight Song is my next choice.

A random mix of Hilary Duff songs comes after that.

Then I go all break up with JoJo, Jordin Sparks and Celine Dion.

A whole load of Jesse McCartney next. I forgot how much I liked him.

Jonas Brothers next.

Then I go crazy and watch a crap lot of Factor auditions from all over the place.

Somehow from that I am back to doddleoddle and then Hanson?

Yeh I know wtf! This pattern pretty much has gone on the whole time.

In total I have watched about 235 videos in the last 24 hours and some of them multiple times ......ooops! 

Seriously what am I doing with my life???

Hopefully I will kick my ass into gear tomorrow. 

Julz xx


Time has run away with me yet again today. It's not because I spent half of it napping honest. I'm so tired but yet again I'm not sleeping when I should be oops. 

Instead I am sat here searching YouTube for videos of the Hanson and the Ed Sheeran concerts/gigs/ whatever you wanna call them, that I went to a few years ago and reminiscing. 

Yep I'm a bit of a saddo like that. I do these things now and again find songs that remind me of good times and just sit trying not to cry haha.

And then I find something completely relevant and upbeat and I have a little dance party to myself without even leaving the comfort of my own bed! haha.

Yeh so I am not really in the right frame of mind for writing tonight but I will have lots of time tomorrow to write something decent I promise.


Julz xx

Saturday, 17 October 2015

Pamper Night

Life has been a bit hectic this week and I haven't really had any time for me. That's probably been obvious because I have been posting at stupid times of the night for most of the week. Anyway I decided that tonight I was going to have some me time and a bit of pampering.

The first thing I did was give my face a good wash and pop on a Bioré Ultra Nose Strip, grab a cuppa and take a comfy seat whilst it worked it's magic. It sounds disgusting but I love when it's time to pull the strip off and you get to see all the crap it has pulled out. Yucky.

I used the St Ives Apricot Scrub to give my face a real good clean. This scrub is really good. I love how it leaves my skin soooo smooth.

Then it was time for a nice long shower. Nothing too exciting happening there. I washed my hair with the Tresemmé Luxurious Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner. I never used to get on with these, they used to make my hair feel horrible, but for some reason that doesn't happen anymore? Weird. 

I scrubbed with the Soap and Glory Sugar Crush  Body Scrub and washed with the Soap and Glory Sugar Crush Body Wash. These are my favourite Soap and Glory scent. I love how fresh smelling they are. Just yummy!

I shaved my legs too... with a razor of some sort haha. Didn't think that bit justified a picture.

This is a product I came across in my samples stash and thought hmmm might give that a go. It's the L'oreal Mythic Oil Nourishing Masque. Basically you work it into towel dried hair, leave it 3 minutes and then wash out. I had high hopes for this because my hair was desperately in need of help. and it didn't disappoint. My hair honestly feels so nice right now. Nice and soft and shiny and yeh, definitely worth giving this one a go.

Now I am the worlds worst for not moisturising, ever. So I delved into my stash again and grabbed these three Soap and Glory products and used them all after my shower. I am going to be so moisturised I won't need to moisturise ever again!

For my face I grabbed the Naobay Calming Face Toner. This felt really nice. I like when a toner makes your skin a bit tingly, this does this nicely. Then I popped on Benefit Total Moisture. I really like this moisturiser but I tend not to use it during the day because it's quite a thick, heavy moisturiser.  I also popped on the Benefit It's Potent Eye Cream.

So that's me caught up to now. I feel so much better and so relaxed. I would treat myself to a nice glass of wine and a movie, but I have to pick my mum up later so I think a soft drink (or maybe a hot chocolate) and YouTube will be the way to go now.

I'm off to do my finishing touches first though. Sort out my eyebrows and paint my nails. I've gone for O.P.I Sleigh Ride For Two. It's a nice deep reddy purpley colour. Perfect for this time of year.

I hope your having a good Saturday night whatever you are up to.

Cya tomorrow!

Julz xx