Saturday, 24 October 2015

300 Twitter Followers

Just Julz hit 300 followers on Twitter ! What the heck? I know that isn't a lot compared to a lot of people but to me its mental. I have been sitting so close to 300 for a while now so when I realised I was at 303 I was so excited. 

I'm gonna be so embarrassed if by the time I post this some people have unfollowed! At least I got proof.

I honestly don't write this blog to achieve huge views and followers but I can't lie, it feels good when the numbers start going up. Just Julz has gone from having a handful of views a day earlier this year, sometimes none, to a 383 the other day! What? That was the day I posted on Facebook about it so I'm pretty sure my friends and family had a lot to do with that so thanks guys.

Don't get me wrong since then the views have gone back down but are still a lot more than I would  expect. I'm just some random lass in Scotland tapping away at my computer getting all the junk out my brain. The internet is just great isn't it? Haha!

Yeah so I guess I just wanted to write this post to say thank you to everyone following and supporting Just Julz. I hope I can keep up this posting regularly and get bigger and better.

Imagine how excited I will be if I get to 500 followers! 

Julz xx

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