Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Christmas Accessories Wishlist

It's that time of year again, when all of a sudden the shops are full of Christmassy things and I start acting like a child. I get far too excited for Christmas coming. I have been doing a lot of browsing at Christmas decorations and have come up with a little wishlist of some bits I have found that I really like.

Wooden star light - Asda
Sleeps Until Christmas Sign
Cat Cushion - Asda
Penguin Tealight Holder -
Let It Snow Cushion -
Stag Reindeer-
Penguin Cushion - Asda
Snowflake Tall Stem Votive -
Doormat - 

Yeh so it turns out of all the things I put in my original shortlist everything that made it to the final list either came from Asda or Strange. I did look at several other places to I swear. John Lewis has some really nice stuff as well.

Have you started window shopping or buying your Christmas accessories? I would love to start buying bits and pieces but I can't afford to just now and I have no idea if I will still be living here at Christmas or at my parents, or somewhere totally new.Goodness knows. Maybe I can convince Mum to let me decorate their house, but with them paying for everything of course! HeHe!

Seriously I am getting far too excited already.

I can't wait :)

Julz xx

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