Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Exciting Delivery

Don't you just love it when you order something and know it's is going to take a little while to arrive so you kind of forget about it and then it surprises you when it arrives?

Well that happened to me today. My SacconeJolys calendar arrived! I wasn't expecting it yet as on the shop it said by the end of October so I was expecting it to be like the 31st. I hadn't even seen the email to say it had been dispatched. 

It's almost like they knew it was my birthday tomorrow and were making sure I had it in time. Haha!

I love the SacconeJolys so much. The little kiddies are just the funniest cutest things ever, and this calendar really shows that.

I know it's just a calendar and there isn't too much you can say about it, but I think it has been really well done. All the pictures are amazing, it's a nice size with plenty of room to write on(even though I kinda don't want to). It smells nice. Yep there I go again smelling things. I can't help it ok.

My birthday month has the lads on. Eduardo in his pj's and his one sock playing with his Daddy, so cute. 

I also love how there is a little quote on each month.

I'm sitting here trying to pick a favourite picture and I can't. I really like them all. 

So glad I bought this. These bloody YouTubers are bleeding me dry like with all their books and calendars and diaries and make up and beauty ranges! Oh well! :)

Have you bought into any of the products brought out by YouTubers?

Julz xx

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