Saturday, 17 October 2015

Pamper Night

Life has been a bit hectic this week and I haven't really had any time for me. That's probably been obvious because I have been posting at stupid times of the night for most of the week. Anyway I decided that tonight I was going to have some me time and a bit of pampering.

The first thing I did was give my face a good wash and pop on a Bioré Ultra Nose Strip, grab a cuppa and take a comfy seat whilst it worked it's magic. It sounds disgusting but I love when it's time to pull the strip off and you get to see all the crap it has pulled out. Yucky.

I used the St Ives Apricot Scrub to give my face a real good clean. This scrub is really good. I love how it leaves my skin soooo smooth.

Then it was time for a nice long shower. Nothing too exciting happening there. I washed my hair with the Tresemmé Luxurious Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner. I never used to get on with these, they used to make my hair feel horrible, but for some reason that doesn't happen anymore? Weird. 

I scrubbed with the Soap and Glory Sugar Crush  Body Scrub and washed with the Soap and Glory Sugar Crush Body Wash. These are my favourite Soap and Glory scent. I love how fresh smelling they are. Just yummy!

I shaved my legs too... with a razor of some sort haha. Didn't think that bit justified a picture.

This is a product I came across in my samples stash and thought hmmm might give that a go. It's the L'oreal Mythic Oil Nourishing Masque. Basically you work it into towel dried hair, leave it 3 minutes and then wash out. I had high hopes for this because my hair was desperately in need of help. and it didn't disappoint. My hair honestly feels so nice right now. Nice and soft and shiny and yeh, definitely worth giving this one a go.

Now I am the worlds worst for not moisturising, ever. So I delved into my stash again and grabbed these three Soap and Glory products and used them all after my shower. I am going to be so moisturised I won't need to moisturise ever again!

For my face I grabbed the Naobay Calming Face Toner. This felt really nice. I like when a toner makes your skin a bit tingly, this does this nicely. Then I popped on Benefit Total Moisture. I really like this moisturiser but I tend not to use it during the day because it's quite a thick, heavy moisturiser.  I also popped on the Benefit It's Potent Eye Cream.

So that's me caught up to now. I feel so much better and so relaxed. I would treat myself to a nice glass of wine and a movie, but I have to pick my mum up later so I think a soft drink (or maybe a hot chocolate) and YouTube will be the way to go now.

I'm off to do my finishing touches first though. Sort out my eyebrows and paint my nails. I've gone for O.P.I Sleigh Ride For Two. It's a nice deep reddy purpley colour. Perfect for this time of year.

I hope your having a good Saturday night whatever you are up to.

Cya tomorrow!

Julz xx

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