Monday, 19 October 2015

The Day I Did Nothing But Watch YouTube Videos

I'm stuck in a rut. Most of last night and today has been spent watching YouTube. As it seems to be taking over my life I decided to share my YouTube History for the last 24hours or so. Some of these have been watched repeatedly.

It started like any normal night watching my favourite YouTubers Zoella, Gabriella, Oli White, Saccone Jolys etc.

Then I went to musical YouTubers Doddleoddle to Emma Blackerry to Carrie Hope Fletcher.

Which led me to the Vamps, and a cover they did of MmmBop...which of course led me to a whole load of Hanson videos. Then  I decided to search for Hanson videos from when they were in Edinburgh in 2011 and I saw them. Found a few and watched them all.

Then I thought hmm...wonder if there is any from when I saw Ed Sheeran. There was.

For some reason I then went back to Hanson....a lot of Hanson.

I then somehow made a jump to Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas. A few Camp Rock songs later and I make it to What Dreams Are Made Of from the Lizzie McGuire Movie.

Naturally I then move on to some High School Musical Songs...which I know none of.

Guess what I did next?....Yep back to Hanson. I'm obsessed seriously.

Ok I don't know why but I then watched a few Backstreet Boys, then Nsync and then Spice Girls.

This is just embarrassing.

It's ok it gets better. Honest.

Next I decided I had to figure out what the song that keeps playing at work that I really like is. It turns out it's Hunter Hayes 21. Love it.

I somehow then make a leap to Reece Mastin where I discover Rebel and the Reason which I must have listened to about 20 times. If you haven't heard of him go check him out especially Rebel and the Reason and his new one Even Angels Cry. Honestly his new one is stunning.

Fight Song is my next choice.

A random mix of Hilary Duff songs comes after that.

Then I go all break up with JoJo, Jordin Sparks and Celine Dion.

A whole load of Jesse McCartney next. I forgot how much I liked him.

Jonas Brothers next.

Then I go crazy and watch a crap lot of Factor auditions from all over the place.

Somehow from that I am back to doddleoddle and then Hanson?

Yeh I know wtf! This pattern pretty much has gone on the whole time.

In total I have watched about 235 videos in the last 24 hours and some of them multiple times ......ooops! 

Seriously what am I doing with my life???

Hopefully I will kick my ass into gear tomorrow. 

Julz xx

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