Thursday, 19 November 2015

Taking Back My Life

If you are a regular reader of Just Julz you will know that there has been some big changes in my life recently. Well maybe just one big one so far. I split up with my husband, and we were still living together. I really tried to make this work because at the end of the day the house was ours not mine. Turns out it was a lot more difficult than I thought and after about a month I couldn't cope anymore.

So I asked him to move out. 

I know you're probably thinking if I wasn't happy shouldn't I be the one to go....not if I am paying the bills.

It's probably the hardest thing I have ever had to do, because as much as our relationship had already ended, once one of us had moved out it was going to really be over. Do you know what I mean? I don't know how to describe it. Basically whilst we were still in each others lives like that I wouldn't be able to move on with mine. I was still worrying where he was when he hadn't come home, I was still cleaning up his mess, and we were just getting pissed off at each other. 

I took the cowardly way out and left a note for him telling him how I was feeling and basically telling him to move out. I would have said it to his face but I know the lack of reaction would have just made me angry and I really didn't want it to all end with us completely hating each other. 

Do you want to know the scary thing? I still haven't cried a single tear. Is that bad or does it just mean I have made the right decision? Maybe it's just that I did all the crying whilst we were still together.

I really thought when he moved out and I was living alone I would be terrified...but I'm not.  I was so scared that my anxiety would take over and I wouldn't be able to do this. Turns out I am a lot stronger than I thought. I think I have mentioned before that since I was little I have been terrified of the wind and if you are in Scotland just now you will know it's been pretty windy...but I haven't been scared. Well apart from by the fact there was some banging noises that made me think my house was going to fall down or something, although I think I was more annoyed by it than scared.

I'm finally taking back my life and figuring out who I am again. I have done a lot more smiling recently and generally I am happy. I have down days but doesn't everyone? There's so much more to say but I don't want this post to get too long and boring so I will save it for another day, but just one more thing.


I've just taken a big one and it has turned out to be completely the right thing to do. I'm going to start taking more chances/risks in life. I'd rather learn from the mistake than regret not trying.


Julz xx

Monday, 16 November 2015

November Glossybox

Glossybox have really stepped up their game over the last few months and this month is just as good. I have said quite a lot of negative things about Glossybox this year but this month it's all positive. I am pleased with every single product in this box.

I was so happy to see this MUA palette. I know MUA isn't a high end brand and their eyeshadow palettes only cost £4 but they are such good quality for that. This palette is called Undressed and is a nice mixture of nudes and metallics. I really like it, this is the sort of palette I would have picked up myself.

I'm going to be honest and say fake eyelashes scare me. I have only ever tried them once before, a self adhesive pair that I got in a Glossybox, and it went badly. I just couldn't get them right at all. Despite this though I was pleased to find these because I do want to be able to use them. These are just a nice natural looking pair (probably why they are called Naturalites Julz) and they are £5. Yeh wish me luck with these. 

The only primer I have been using for quite a while now has been Benefit Professional so it is nice to get a new one to try out. I'm not sure about the illuminating factor in this but I'm definitely looking forward to giving it a go. We have had a few Emite products through Glossybox before and they have all been good so hopefully this will be to. We received a travel size of this but the full size is £25.90.

Somehow I have never tried a Revlon Lipstick before. I have had the lip butters but never a lipstick by them, so I was pleased to see this. The shade I got was Pink in the Afternoon and it's a really nice pinky nude colour which costs £7.99. It looks like it would be a nice every day sort of shade, so I'm sure I will get plenty use out of it. 

Finally is the Royal Apothic Body Creme. I don't think I have ever tried anything from Royal Apothic before and I am not great with skincare, but I do like this. It smells so nice, but not too strong. I won't even attempt to describe the smell because I am useless at that sort of thing. Again this is a travel size product and the full size is £14.50 which doesn't seem too bad.

All in all I am pleased with this box and I feel like I can start to recommend Glossybox to people again because they really have had a good few months. Let's hope next month's is a good one for Christmas! Exciting! :)

Julz xx

Thursday, 5 November 2015


How do people get through break ups? I feel like I have tried to keep positive and stay strong and all of a sudden I can't do it anymore. I'm still not getting upset I'm just getting so angry. 

I feel like I am doing something wrong because I'm the one who doesn't have a life I go to work and I come home, thats about it. I rarely do much else. What the heck? 

I'm so drained it's unreal.

I just want to move on with my life but I don't know where the hell to begin. Obviously I want rid of this house but what then?

Part of me just wants to run away and start again but I'm far too much of a wimp to do that, and am in a good place with work finally, do I really want to give that up for the unknown? Not really.

I feel like I spend everyday thinking there has got to be more to life than this but I do nothing to find out what. 

Where do I start guys? What do I do? 

I just feel like I am going to explode. God knows my neighbours must be sick of my singing(screaming)! 

I don't want this blog to turn into a place for me to have a whine and a moan but sometimes you just have to don't you?

I just need to keep telling myself things will work out and meantime find something new to do, meet some new people or maybe even reconnect with old friends. Basically stop being a loner! 

Maybe I should place an ad .... Friends wanted haha!

Oh dear isn't life hard sometimes??

Now to face my next challenge...getting to sleep.

Night Night everyone!

Julz xx