Monday, 29 February 2016

Happy Leap Day/February Favourites

First of all I'm a fail. I set out to write a post a day this month and almost made it but over the last couple of days I just haven't managed it.

Time has been disappearing so fast and I am just not organised at all!

Never mind I still wrote A LOT this month.

Talking about time getting away and not making the most of it, have you made the most of your extra day??

Happy Leap Day!

Have you done anything exciting? Any of the women proposed?

It's just been a normal day for me, nothing overly exciting happening unfortunately.

As I haven't got much else to say about Leap Day I thought I would just add my favourites into this post.

I planned to try so many new things this month and as per usual...I didn't!

I have got a couple of favourites to share though.

Last month I picked up a new perfume with a voucher I had from Christmas. I found the Ghost Eclipse perfume gift set in Boots for only £12.50! What a bargain! It has since become my day to day perfume, I really like it. I am useless at describing scents so just trust me it's nice!

A food I have basically been living off of recently is the Mash Direct Broccoli with Cheese Sauce! Seriously I have ate so many of these recently it is ridiculous. I will just chuck one of these in the microwave and that's my dinner sorted. Yum! It doesn't look the most appetising but it is tasty!

Oh Dear I think that might be all I have for now.

Oh wait Youtube. As everyone knows I am addicted to YouTube. My favourite person to watch this month has been Brogan Tate. She does weekly vlogs and for some reason I am hooked. She is doing so well for herself just now, but at the same time she is relatable and a normal human being. I don't know what it is but I really like her vlogs.

OK I'm definitely done this time :)

Hopefully I will use next month better, get out more, try more things.


Julz xx

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