Monday, 15 February 2016

I Need To Exercise More!

I'm so guilty of never ever exercising. My excuse is I'm on my feet all day at work that should be clearly isn't.

I always say I am going to try and exercise more and get fit  but I just can't do it. I find exercise so boring and soon get fed up of it.

So bearing all that in mind I did something crazy last week...I went for a walk. 

I actually really enjoyed it as well. It wasn't a crazy long walk, it took about 45 minutes but it was good. I felt so good for actually getting out of the house and doing some sort of exercise. Maybe this is the way forward. Going for walks regularly.  

The thing is there is so many nice places to go for walks near me. I can take my camera along and get some nice pictures and distract myself from the fact I'm doing something I hate, exercising.

I didn't take many the other day but here's a couple.

Maybe if the weather starts being nice more often I will take myself out for more walks. If I wake up to a rainy, dull day there is no hope. 

I'm certainly going to try though because god knows I spend far too much time in this house. I hardly leave it if I'm not working, it's ridiculous!

Do you struggle with exercise?

Julz xx


  1. Fab pics - I love a good walk - but it's has to be on my terms - hate if I have too. Wind and rain no chance. But I have bought Lorraine Kelly's life to the max and I enjoy dancing around to it in the lounge - good thing is you do as much as you can - I can usually do the warm up and 2 sessions the i am done. But it feels good after. X

    1. I'm constantly buying things like that but after a few goes I give up, I'm terrible! Do agree always feel better after though :)x