Wednesday, 17 February 2016

I'm a Hoarder!

Yesterday I wrote about giving my house a good clean, and I've actually started it today. So far it has taken me 2 and a half hours to do 2 rooms! I've come to the conclusion I'm a hoarder!

Originally I was going to have a proper clear out and clean up of the whole house but I have had to resort to just tidying and cleaning for now and go back to the clear out. 

The problem is I keep finding things I forgot I had and I spend far too long looking at them.  I need to be able to decide if it's going in the bin or put it away, or whatever but instead I just sit and look at things. It's a bit silly really.
I just don't like to throw things away. I have boxes of books sitting in the attic that have been there since we moved into this house because there was nowhere to put them. I refused to throw them out though. I'm hoping to get some bookshelves for the spare room sometime and turn it into a little library/office/spare room.

I found some things whilst I was tidying up which will show you what I mean about keeping things I don't need .

 A box full of badges and keyrings

 My tiara and veil

Old school work

Jess' first ever collar

 This was from a boyfriend when I was about 15 and used to stick on my bedroom window??

Seriously why do I keep these things??

Never mind I have managed to tidy the bedrooms at least.

 This is the one that needs decorated and will have the bookshelves hopefully.

Sneaky Jess in the corner

It's going to be a long night trying to get the rest of the house tidied I think! I already feel better just from getting upstairs done though :)

Julz xx

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