Thursday, 4 February 2016

The Pros and Cons of Living Alone.

I've been living alone for a couple of months now...which makes me an expert on the subject! I have to admit living alone has it's ups and downs. I thought I would share my pros and cons of living alone for those who are considering it.


*The TV is all mine! I can watch what I want whenever I want!
*I never have to wait for the bathroom.
*If the cats want a cuddle they have no choice but to cuddle me :)
*I often can't be bothered with people so unless I invite anyone over I don't have to make an effort to speak to anyone. (that sounds terrible doesn't it!)
* I only have to make meals that I like and buy food that I like and there is no one to steal it!


*It can get very quiet and lonely. Talking to myself has become a regular occurrence.
*I have to deal with the big spiders all by myself! I don't mind them...I just don't wanna touch them.
*I have to do all the boring housework and motivating myself to do it is a challenge.
*ALL my money goes on bills.
*There is no one to help move heavy things! I like to rearrange rooms quite often and it's no so easy by myself, have you any idea how heavy a mattress is!!

I'm sure that there are many more pros and cons that I haven't thought of but these are the main ones for me. I honestly thought I would hate living alone and that I would just be anxious all the time but seriously I love it. I'm just one of these people that needs my own space.

Julz xx

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