Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Writer's Block

I have sat down to write today's post and I literally have nothing to say! Not a thing! At this point I could just do a What's In My Bag post or something but that's not really what I want to do.

I have just got no creativity today for some reason. I'm too tired and so unorganised. When I started this month I was days ahead with posts and here I am sitting with only a couple of hours until I head to work trying to write something for today.

I think part of the problem is there are so many other things I should probably be doing right now. My house is in a bit of a mess and certainly isn't inspiring me. I should really do something about that. 

All I can think about is the mess, and how long it is until I have to leave for work, and all the boring things I need to do basically.

I think I need to spend my days off this week having a massive clear out and clean of the whole house. Maybe that will help clear my head and let some creativity through.

If not...well at least I will have a nice clean house.

Here's hoping I get over my writer's block in time to write tomorrow's post! Wish me luck :)

Julz xx

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