Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Spare Room Makeover ?!?

I need an interior designer! I have a spare room that has been sitting for at least 6 months with no wallpaper on the wall and basically it has become like the dumping ground/laundry room.

I really want to turn it into more of an office/ library / spare room but I am so useless with making decisions about how I want it . So I thought I would share some bits and pieces that I like. I definitely want to go with white furniture and do one of the walls in a light green or teal patterned wallpaper of some kind. 

It can be quite a dark room so I want to keep the colours quite light and get lots of mirrors and things to reflect what natural light there is. 

I really like copper accessories as well and how cute is the little sticker for around the light switch....I have to have something cat related in there :)

I honestly don't know where to begin... probably saving up some money to pay for all this would be a good place.

What do you think?

Julz xx

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