Wednesday, 20 April 2016

YouTubers Cost Me A Fortune

A couple of days ago YouTuber Niomi Smart announced that she was bringing out a cookbook full of healthy recipes, and I immediately pre-ordered it. Not because I would buy anything she brought out but because I was genuinely looking forward to it. I have followed recipes on her blog and YouTube channel before and it's something she is good at.

It did suddenly dawn on me though that I have spent a fortune on things brought out by YouTubers over the last year or 2. Mostly books, it's unreal. I am not the sort of person to buy something just because it has someone's name on it, and everything I have bought is because I will use/read it.

I wanted to share how much I have though. I am sure there are people that have bought a lot more YouTuber merch than me but it is just crazy how it mounts up without you realising.

I have books by  
  Pointless Blog
Tanya Burr
Joey Graceffa
Sprinkle Of Glitter
Fleur De Force
Giovanna Fletcher

I have the SacconeJoly's calendar
Joe and Casper's dvd
Zoella make up bag
Tanya Burr lip glosses and I had the advent calendar

I'm not even sure if that's everything but it's all I can think of right now. Oh and obviously Niomi's book on pre-order and I'm so tempted to pre-order Tanya Bakes as well.

It's crazy how far YouTube has taken people in recent years. From making videos in their bedroom once a week to living off the money they are making doing it and getting books published and merchandise with their names on. It's crazy!

I think I'm in the wrong job haha!

Julz xx

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